Product & Technical FAQs

Yes, exactly the same. Hemp comes from the cannabis plants that grow in climates not that conducive to marijuana growth. If you grew the same plant in a richly cultivated area, you would get marijuana instead of hemp. Hemp has a lot more CBD content and not much THC.

We have a dried cannabis product that is 25% THC.

In New Zealand, we have the following products available:

  • CBD oils and capsules
  • THC oils
  • CBD/THC blended oils
  • Dried cannabis flower ranging from 1% to 25% THC

Getting your cannabis prescribed properly for your medical condition gives you three main advantages:

  1. It is legal
  2. You know exactly what’s in it
  3. You have a health professional helping you use that product for your particular medical condition

The Volcano is for a table top and is a lot larger in size than the Mighty Medic. The Mighty Medic is designed to be portable and stores less product than the Volcano.

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