Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis is used around the world to manage a range of conditions including Epilepsy, Chronic pain, Anxiety, Chemotherapy induced nausea, muscle spasms associated with Multiple Sclerosis and many more. Furthermore, side effects are significantly less compared to current treatment regimes such as narcotics, opioids and benzodiazepines.  


We now require everyone to have a written referral from their GP. Referral forms can be downloaded from the  bottom of the 'For Doctors' page on this website.


Our Ponsonby clinic is NOW OPEN in Jervois Rd for those who live in Auckland. If you live outside of Auckland, we can connect with you via Facebook Video Messenger or any other video platform. Once you've got a referral, you can make a booking using this link

Home Visits

We understand that getting out of the house can be difficult for some which is why we also offer a mobile service to those that need it. 

Click this link for more info: