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Medicinal Cannabis is used around the world to manage a range of conditions including Epilepsy, Chronic pain, Anxiety, Chemotherapy induced nausea, muscle spasms associated with Multiple Sclerosis and many more. Furthermore, side effects are significantly less compared to current treatment regimes such as narcotics, opioids and benzodiazepines.

Meet Our Team

Dr Ula Heywood

Dr Ula Heywood

Over the last twelve years, in addition to my work as an Emergency Medicine Specialist and Pre-Hospital Retrieval doctor with Westpac Rescue Helicopters, I have had a deep interest in preventative health and wellness, particularly the role that nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mindfulness play.

My goal is to provide clarity around the truly individual path to health, enabling people to maximise their quality of life and to reach their full health potential.

I am pleased to also join the team at Green Doctors to support a new approach to dealing with common ailments such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep disturbance with medicinal cannabis. It is a pleasure to see such positive results in people trying this relatively newly available medicine and working collaboratively with their GP’s and hospital specialists to improve their quality of life.

Dr Mark Hotu

Dr Mark Hotu

Dr Mark Hotu started Green Doctors in 2018, he has 19 years of experience in both Internal Medicine and General Practice, managing chronic pain & palliative patients. In 2019 Dr Mark spent some time in a medicinal cannabis clinic in Montreal coming away with a wealth of knowledge from experienced doctors that had been prescribing cannabis for 20 years.

Last year Dr Mark was a panelist on the TV3 Cannabis Debate with Patrick Gower and Helen Clarke, this year he appeared on The Nation talking about access to medicinal cannabis & recently appeared on TVNZ’s Marae with Scotty Morrison. Dr Mark was a guest speaker at the Med Cann Medicinal Cannabis summit in 2020 and will be presenting again this year. He conducts regular teaching sessions to the hospital & general practice doctors & currently sits on the country’s first Clinical Advisory Board writing medicinal cannabis prescribing guidelines for GPs.

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