Legal FAQs

Yes it is, but only with a prescription.

All legal cannabis bought in New Zealand is high quality because it is medicinal grade. Every product prescribed and dispensed has a certificate of analysis detailing its constituents and has been approved by NZ’s Ministry of Health watchdog, Med Safe. This means that you can guarantee it is not laced with anything toxic and has been grown to proper GMP standards.

Of course, not. However, if you are using marijuana bought from the street, what you’re currently doing is illegal. When drug testing comes in next year, if you’re found to have THC in your system you will receive an infringement notice or even a conviction.

You can drive BUT you’re not allowed to drive if you’re impaired, no matter where or how you get your cannabis.

They can’t arrest you for having possession of a legal prescription drug. If you have your bottle with you, you can show them the label, which has your name, the product, and the doctor’s name (in this case, us). If you don’t have your bottle on, you can also show a picture of your bottle label to the officer.

Yes, you can take them on domestic flights.

Basically, no. You can travel to Australia with CBD or THC (Source: Govt of Australia) but we wouldn’t recommend taking it to any other country. Regardless of the country, you will need to declare it when you enter Customs. If you do so, it can still be confiscated, however if you don’t declare it and Customs find it, you run the risk of not only having it confiscated but receiving an infringement notice, fine or even a sentence, depending on the laws of the land you are in.

Not at this stage. At the end of this year, the police will be bringing in random drug testing which includes oral swabs for THC. If you test positive and have your cannabis medicine bottle or a picture of the label on that bottle, that will be enough to avoid an infringement notice UNLESS you are impaired, in which case nothing will save you. The bottomline is don’t drive if you’re impaired.

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