Buying Online FAQs

Yes you can, but it is prescription medicine. So you’ll need to book an appointment with us to discuss your medical condition and the reason why you want to use or try cannabis. Once you’re registered as one of our patients, you will then be able to access prescriptions ongoing from there, just in the same way that you get a repeat prescription of say Panadol from your GP.

We wish we could too. It would make life so much easier. The Ministry of Health has stated that mentioning these products by name on the website constitutes advertising, and advertising these products is illegal. 

Firstly, you need to see one of our doctors. Once we have you on a product that’s working for you, we’ll tell you what the code is for that product and you’ll be able order it online. You can either have it couriered to you or pick it up from our clinic in Ponsonby, Auckland.

Have another question about buying medicinal cannabis online in NZ? Give us a call today and we can help.